Location & Surrounding Area

Where we are

location and surrounding areas

The GoldenWalls hotel is situated in the center of the Holy City of Jerusalem. It’s surroundings provide a wealth of historic, cultural, religious experience

You can save transportation cost and time while staying at the Golden Walls Hotel. It is situated in the center of Jerusalem, on Sultan Suleiman St., within a very short walking distance from most religious, historic and cultural centers. Examples of the surroundings are: The Garden Tomb, Rockefeller Museum, Damascus and Herod’s Gates, Ancient Souks, the Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Sepulchre all in the heart of the Golden City.


How to get here

By Tram: Damascus Gate Station, then 5 minutes walk to the Golden Walls.
By Bus: 2 local bus stations are next to the hotel.
By Sharing Taxi (“sherut”): from the airport, you share a taxi with other people directly to the Golden Walls.
By Taxi: between Harods & Damascus Gates 23, Sultan Suleiman St., Jerusalem.

Parking: There are 13 free designated car parking areas in the court yard underneath the hotel. The Golden Walls encourages guests to use bicycles as a small contribution to help save the environment. We have bicycle and motorbike parking areas.