The Golden Walls Hotel is a family-owned business managed by the Pilgrims Palace Hotels Ltd. The Golden Walls Hotel was built in 1964 and run by the late Dr. Rasheed Nashashibi till 1983. It was then known as the Pilgrims Palace Hotel. The Hotel has undergone major renovations throughout the last 10 years. It was expanded twice. A new building was added to the existing to make the total number of rooms 120.


  • To satisfy our guests at all times.
  • To achieve sound, continuous and sustainable economic growth thus satisfying the needs and aspirations of our staff members and owners.
  • To develop, market and expand the hotel industry in the Holy Land as an outstanding, internationally recognized destination.
  • To make sure that tourism has a positive impact on those who pay money to enjoy it and a better life for those who are making money.


  • To exceed the expectations of the Golden Walls Hotel’s guests by providing a specific authentic product and professional services.
  • To raise the environmental awareness within our establishment and community.
  • To ensure environmental standards become a part of the workforce’s normal habits and behavior.
  • To confirm that tourism can be a tool to preserve the community’s natural and cultural heritage.


To make the Golden Walls Hotel the focal point of the visitors experience to the Holy Land thus bringing special benefits and    economic prosperity to the peoples of Jerusalem.


The Golden Walls has plenty of original lanterns dating back to past centuries in addition to modern colorful paintings. The mixture between old and new gives our guests a feeling of deep tradition and valued culture while enjoying the facilities of a modern hotel.