About Us

The Golden Walls is a family-owned Hotel built in 1964 by the late Dr. Rasheed Nashashibi.
Since then, the generations of the Nashashibi family have managed the historic hotel.

The Golden Walls is situated in the heart of the Holy City of Jerusalem. It is the perfect choice for your religious, cultural and travel experience. It has 120 modernly renovated rooms. The hotel lobby – lounge overlooks the breath-taking view of the old city walls. It boasts to have a beautiful roof garden, and a spacious “Assembly” meeting area in addition to a parking area in the court yard.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to continuously satisfy our guests while promoting sustainable economic growth and meeting the needs of our staff and owners. We strive to elevate the hotel industry in the holy land as a world-renowned destination and ensure that tourism has a positive impact on both the traveler and our staff’s quality of life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to position the Golden Walls Hotel as the ultimate destination for visitors to the holy land, enriching the experience of those who stay with us and contributing to the economic prosperity of Jerusalem’s people. We aim to create a lasting impression on our guests and establish ourselves as a premier hospitality provider in the region.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Golden Walls Hotel is to provide our guests with an exceptional and authentic experience that exceeds their expectations through our professional services. We also strive to promote environmental awareness within our establishment and the community, integrating sustainable practices into the normal habits and behavior of our workforce. Additionally, we believe that tourism can serve as a powerful tool in preserving the natural and cultural heritage of our community.

Meet Our Team

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The Golden Walls Hotel is firmly committed to promoting eco-friendly and sustainable travel practices in order to reduce the environmental impact of tourism. As part of this commitment, the hotel has initiated a solar system project to harness renewable energy. By leveraging this system, the hotel is able to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. This project reflects the hotel’s dedication to protecting the environment.